Tess Holliday’s ‘Not So Subtle’ Memoir Is Out Now!

Crafting a book is always a grueling journey.

As a memoir takes shape I ask a lot of the authors I work with.

They need to dig deep into their memories, revisit uncomfortable times and face up to difficult questions and painful emotions. It takes blood, sweet and tears and endurance from both of us. Getting to the finishing line always feels like an insurmountable marathon with an exhausting push through the final mile.  It’s a long labor of love but reaching publication day is the sweetest feeling. Suddenly all the hard work is worth it.

Working with plus size supermodel Tess Holliday on her new book, ‘The Not So Subtle Art Of Being A Fat Girl,’ was a real privilege. I know she found it emotionally draining to relive some of the most traumatic memories of her life, especially as she juggled work and home life as a mom-of-two.

Ultimately, she kept on ploughing through and we crafted her candid recollections, told with her textbook dry humor, into a compelling memoir that came out this week on September 26.

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