‘I really want to acknowledge the beautiful work that Charlotte has been doing for me. She is a great writer and can beautifully shape my over-the-top, spiritualized, expansive, out-there writing into mainstream, accessible speech. You are gold Wardie thank you.’
Esther-Maria Lindner, founder of aparaba.com

‘From the moment I met Charlotte I knew she was going to help me take my book to the next level. She COMPLETELY got my style and tone and added so much more. If you want someone who listens to you and makes things easier for you hire her. She is great to work with and adds so much value.’
Georgina Jones, founder of Turn Lights On

‘I still miss Charlotte (and her dog) and the many laughs we had as she helped to weave my stories into the timeline of what has been the trials and tribulations of my life. It was a great journey and one which made me recall times, people and places long forgotten.’
Virginia Howes, author of The Baby’s Coming

 ‘I’ve worked with Charlotte on my autobiography and it was simply a highlight of my year. Charlotte made every single step of the process easy, she coaxed stories from me wonderfully, worked happily around my family commitments and included as much of my work in the finished manuscript as possible. Working with Charlotte was like working with a fabulous friend and I hope to be able to work with her again in the future.’
Tamryn Kirby, author of Confessions Of A Wedding Planner

‘Thank you Charlotte, my ghostwriter and friend, for helping me to capture my ‘voice’ throughout the book which was so important to me.’
Maria Anderson, author of Tales Of A Midwife