Attract readers to be a part of your brand or community by investing in engaging, easy-to-digest content. Maybe you need help to write the perfect ‘about’ page or influencer blog? Or do you plan to expand your customer reach with a book or must-read newsletter? Choose captivating content tailored specifically to your brand.


If you prefer to write the copy yourself, Charlotte is available to shape your text into sharp, concise content. Most readers are time-poor these days so every word counts. Opting for a professional edit ensures all the essential information is there along with your distinctive brand voice or sense of humor. Working with you, Charlotte will help you maximize the reach and appeal of your words.


In recent years many businesses have realized that hiring a journalist to write marketing content is worth their weight in gold. As a former newspaper commissioning editor, Charlotte understands what media outlets want and how to engage consumers. Press releases that don’t get to the point, won’t make the cut. Newsletters that fail to inspire the customer immediately are deleted or remain unopened. Are mediocre words weakening your brand? Invest in great content now.  


Are you writing a novel or memoir? Have you just started a blog? Sometimes it is hard to know if you are on the right track or how to move forward. Charlotte offers one-hour coaching sessions over Skype, Facetime or Zoom.

Want to know more? Email Charlotte here with some information about your needs. She will get right back to you.